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Opensource Download: Creative Zen Support for Mac

Written on January 9th, 2009

My sister upgraded to a new Apple Mac mini the other day. She was disappointed that her Creative Zen V player did not work with it.

After a few minutes of research, we found that Creative does not supply any type of MacOS X download for their Zen MP3 players. Fortunately, the opensource community has their own solution to this: XNJB.

XNJB is a downloadable Mac application that supports transfering of music, recharging, and general management of many types of MP3 players that generally are not supported on the Mac platform. XNJB makes use of the fantastic opensource libnjb and libmtp libraries to make support for these MP3 players possible on many unofficially supported platforms including: Linux, BSD, Solaris, and of course, MacOS X and Windows.

To use your Creative Zen player on MacOS X, go directly to the XNJB application download page and download the Binary. You can find out more about XNJB at the official XNJB website.

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