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Dina Programming Font in TTF format

Written on October 7th, 2008

For a long time now, Dina has been my favorite programming font. I find it crisp, clean and very readable for the amount of pixel space it takes up (wide bowls, no unnecessary serifs). It’s certainly a nice change from Courier New. In my opinion, a great programming font is just as important as any other tool in the programmers toolbox.

Unfortunately, Dina does have one big pitfall. It’s only available in the bitmap based .fon format, which is notorious for bad portability. Incompatible on anything but Windows, and even some Windows applications will not read this format (Sun’s Java Netbeans IDE for example does not support it).

After a long day of various hacks and adjustments, I was able to convert the Dina font to a working TTF format. You can now benefit from the fruits of my labor using the link below:

Dina truetype font pack

Here is a preview for your viewing pleasure:

For those interested, this is a screenshot from the Netbeans IDE. I have been recently giving Netbeans and Eclipse a test drive in preparation for my upcoming developments in Java.

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32 Responses to “Dina Programming Font in TTF format”

  1. housetier Says:

    Thank you very very much!

  2. Fris Says:

    Awesome! Thanks a lot!!

  3. Rover Says:

    This is a great little font. Many thanks for the TTF version.

  4. crackpod Says:

    Hey, I was wondering what editor are you using? Mind telling me? I’m really interested. If it is SciTE could you contact me and send me the configuration file for this setup?

  5. Eurico Moita Says:

    Thank you!!!! :)

  6. Nathaniel Sabanski Says:


    The setup in the screenshot is Netbeans. Although i’m a huge fan of SciTE and use Notepad++ (based on SciTE) in all of my daily work. The Notepad++ colour scheme I use is called Ruby Blue, and can be found at

    It’s unfortunate that the syntax colour customization in Notepad++ is a pain to do; as I really like the colour scheme I whipped up in the post above.

    Btw, I like your blog. Editra looks like an editor to check out.

  7. crackpod Says:

    “Btw, I like your blog. Editra looks like an editor to check out.”, thanks! The same goes for you. I hope to see some comments from you soon.


  8. crackpod Says:

    Sorry, for the “double-comment” but could you inform me about some good Java tutorials? (E-Mail)

    You seem to now quite a lot about java.

  9. Nathaniel Sabanski Says:

    The official Java documentation is really good and generally up to date. It’s all here:

    The big tutorial:
    The API reference:

    Good luck man!

  10. Ruivaldo Says:

    I love you man!

  11. xx Says:

    Thank-you thank-you thank-you.

  12. Demonhunter Says:

    …just THANK YOU!

  13. Ben G Says:

    Thanks. I too love this font and can’t stand coding with out it.

    I’m using Netbeans now – this is a godsend.

    Thanks again!

  14. noname Says:

    Thanks a lot, I already had this font but not in ttf format(which i prefer over others).

    Now I have much more space to write, also a very clean font.

  15. Saneesh Says:

    Thanks. I love Dina and was looking for TTF format to use in my editor

  16. Waldemar Says:

    Dina is great. Thank you.

  17. lemon Says:

    Thank you very much! It’s excellent!

  18. Tom Says:

    Great post, thanks!!

  19. zvolkov Says:

    Thanks for sharing! BTW how is your version of Dina TTF different from this one:

  20. Nathaniel Sabanski Says:

    zvolkov, it looks like the method of conversion/creation used was significantly different, producing some subtleties. I cannot comment on his font any further because it does not work properly on my workstation.

  21. Phantasticus Says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, one billion thanks!!! I need this font to use it in MUSHclient under Wine (yes, I *need* it because all the other fonts look extremely ugly to me).

  22. Marc Says:

    Thanks. I use this Dina Font in Toad (in the .fon format) for a long time. Now I have to work with Oracle SQL Developer, witch does not support the .fon format. I just copied the .ttf files to te font folder and could select te Dina font in Oracle SQL Developer.

  23. JP Says:

    Thanks for this, but is there an adjustment you can make to the bold version of the font to more closely replicate the raster version?

    The bold TTF Dina font is considerably more “blocky” (wider?) than its bitmap counterpart when comparing VS2008/raster and VS2010/TTF side-by-side.

    PS: The gray you’re using for your comment box makes the typin caret virtually impossible to see!

  24. Gyuhang Says:

    Thanks for your work.
    I love that font a lot.

  25. Ryan Says:

    Just was trying to use Dina in VS2010 and it doesn’t show up, now I know why. This TT version worked fine, thanks.

  26. pezi Says:

    thanks SOOO much for this, I missed my poor Dina so much! props to you sir!!

  27. Tom Anderson Says:

    Thank you for dina TTF! I needed to switch from my long time friend Textpad so I could comment better and felt doing so here was more than appropriate.

  28. Zequez Says:

    But it looks blurry in Windows 7 =X

  29. yakex Says:

    thanks for your great work!

  30. reve Says:

    Dina font is my favorite too, I use it at everywhere,ssh terminal, vim … and this ttf works in vs2010 well, Its great thank you very very much

  31. tinywolf Says:

    Thank you! I love you man!

  32. lauterm Says:

    Thank you, sir!

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