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All about Nathaniel Sabanski


Nathaniel is a Software Developer from the rainy west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Nathaniel’s passion for multimedia creation and technology started back before he could remember. Nathaniel had a jump start on his programming career when he picked up his first book on the C programming language back in 1999, spending the next few years learning the language inside and out; creating lots of little games and applications along the way in order to perfect his craft.

Being a motivated, self-taught open source advocate, Nathaniel decided to peruse learning of open source technologies at his own accelerated pace. He has since educated himself in a wide range of skills including website production, interface and graphics design, databases, alternative OS programming, object oriented programming, and a potpourri of languages such as C++, PHP, Java, and his current personal favorite, Python.

At this time, Nathaniel would only consider going back to college for something other than software development; and in the future would love to take a course in Philosophy or a Marketing course by the communication guru Seth Godin.

Over the course of many years, Nathaniel has had his hand in designing and producing a large number of websites, games and other software projects. He has most recently authored an innovative open source content management system called nc-cms. You can find Nathaniel’s business website at

Nathaniel is a huge fan of audiocasts and audio books, and highly recommends them as an excellent way to absorb new information on the fly while performing other tasks, such as cooking or exercising. Among his favorite audiocasts, he is an avid listener of Security Now, produced by Leo Laporte and the security guru Steve Gibson on the fantastic TWiT network.

In his spare time, Nathaniel loves social gaming, and is heavily involved in the local LAN Party scene found in British Columbia. He also volunteers for non-profit organizations such as Make Poverty History and is a strong believer in giving back to the community.